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About Us

About Eezycraftzy

Eezycraftzy is built upon the idea of spreading the happiness bug in the joy universe we created. We promote the concept of social cohesion in a community throughout the home of the joy universe, eezycraftzy, by bringing people together through the accessories and crafts created. We strive to deliver consistent handmade products, along with a human’s touch.

We promise to always bring a smile to your face when you look or wear our products that are being brought to life. We value one of a kind pieces as we believe that everyone is special in their own ways and the product they wear should also be unique in its own ways.

Experimenting with crafts and mixed media bring upon a great amount of joy to me, I hope to be able to spread happiness and the value of handmade to people who appreciate my creations.

At Eezycraftzy, we start with allowing the product in our head to come alive, later integrating them with the things around, and then finally giving birth to our blissful baby. Eezycraftzy contains an endless amount of happiness in our joy universe, and we hope to pass on this happiness bug through strengthening the connection between the artist and consumer. Hence we always encourage having pieces customised in their own style so as to allow us to challenge ourselves constantly, producing more unique pieces and also bringing the world closer together in the process.


About The Maker

Hello lovely friends, I am Yi Zi, also known as eezy! I am the founder, brainchild of eezycraftzy and also the designer + craftist. I was doing this full time for about a year until recently, I decided to get my head into the creative industry for some real world experience after graduating from University, which consisted of 6 years of Fashion education and endless submission. 

Right now, eezycraftzy, my baby is my side hustle when night falls and on weekends! In the day, I work as a 2D Graphic Designer and by night, I turn into an owl, becoming the dedicated jewellery designer and crafter! (:

In my world, I often experiment with an endless amount of mixed media crafts and all things DIY, creating anything and everything I want to. I have an endless amount of dreams I wish to make them come alive, follow me as I embark onto this journey filled with so much uncertainty and excitement! (: