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(Preorder) Fabric Face Mask for Men (Size L) - Brown Batik
(Preorder) Fabric Face Mask for Men (Size L) - Brown Batik
(Preorder) Fabric Face Mask for Men (Size L) - Brown Batik
(Preorder) Fabric Face Mask for Men (Size L) - Brown Batik
(Preorder) Fabric Face Mask for Men (Size L) - Brown Batik

(Preorder) Fabric Face Mask for Men (Size L) - Brown Batik

Handmade by Eezy & Eezy Mom
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  • All Products are one of a kind
  • All fabrics have been washed twice before sewing but please wash them before usage
  • Fabrics are Eezy Mom's personal collection, air flown from Indonesia
  • This is a preorder item and would take 4-10 days days to be ready upon order completion


      About Hand sewn Reusable Mask - Size L

      • Dimensions: 22cm (L) X 14.5cm (H)
      • Approximately the size of surgical masks
      • 100% breathable cotton Fabric and Lining
      • 3 Layers Mask - 2 layers cotton fabric and 1 layer cotton lining
      • Filter Slot available (Filter not provided)
      • Comes with nose strip (suitable for people wearing specs so that their glasses do not fog up)
      • Adjustable coloured ear bands (can be tightened/ loosen based on preferences) 


      Instructions for Mask Usage
      1. Insert your filter into the slot between the fabric and cotton lining and adjust the filter towards the middle of the mask

      2. Put the mask on your face and press the nose strip to mold to the shape of your nose.

      3. If you feel that the mask are not fitted to your face properly, adjust the adjustable button on the elastic bands accordingly, this would shorten/ lengthen the elastic bands for a better fit. If it is still loose, try to squeeze the gather area at the two sides so that the elastics are squashed up for an even tighter fit.

      4. Please hand wash the mask after each use.


      Washing Instructions

      Hand wash (to prevent the nose strip from messing up)  the mask cover thoroughly with lukewarm water and hang them up to dry after use daily. Allow your mask to dry completely, preferably under the sun to prevent any moisture that might retain on the fabric. 


      Please note that each pieces are handmade individually. Due to the handmade nature of the products on Eezycraftzy, items colour may vary slightly from photos and each pieces contain their own personality. Due to the nature of handmade, thank you for embracing the slight differences between the pictures and actual products. Handmade items are unique in its own ways, just like you.


      As this item is considered an intimate item, due to hygiene purposes, there will be no refunds/ exchange allowed.